Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Flat - Illusion - Projection

*Ellsworth Kelly Flat - Graphic
*Ian Davenport Flat - Graphic
*John Tremblay Pattern-Flat-Graphic
*Tomma Abts Geometric

*Anselm Kiefer Perspective - Texture - Deep
*Adriana Varejao Actual
*Lee Bontecou Actual
*Fabian Marcaccio Surface Tension
*Cecily Brown - Image Application
*Ghada Amer Overlap -Texture

*James Rosenquist Disparate Image

*Roy Lichenstein Flat Graphic

*Robert Rauschenberg Texture-Flat-Multi Image

*Jackson Pollock Flat-Layering

*Willem de Kooning Flat-Layering

*Gary Hume Flat

*Arturo Herrera Flat-Suggestive

*Fred Tomaselli Flat?-Pattern

*James Siena Flat?-Pattern

*Sarah Morris Flat?-Pattern

*Beatrice Milhaze Flat?-Pattern

*Julie Mehretu Layering

*Benjamin Edwards Mixed Graphic-Layering

*Franz Ackermann Layering-Mixed Graphic

*Franz Ackermann Layering-Mixed Graphic

*Thomas Scheibitz Layering-Mixed Graphic

*Inka Essenhigh Graphic-Deep

*Matthew Ritchie Graphic-Deep

*Toba Khedoori Graphic-Deep

*Daniel Richter Figurative-Deep

*Neo Rauch Figurative-Deep

*Elizabeth Peyton Figurative-Graphic

*Peter Doig Figurative-Deep

*Chris Ofili Figurative-Graphic-Flat

*Takashi Murakami Figurative-Graphic-Flat

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