Sunday, February 21, 2010

Color Wheels


Additive Color: Projected

Subtractive Color: Printed

Painter's Color Wheel

Print Color Wheel

Additive Color Wheel (Projected)

Saturation/ Value

Saturation/Value #2




Cross Complement Mixing (Neutrals/Greys)


Monochromatic: One Hue + black and white.
Analogous: Two or Three Hues side by side (adjacent) on the color wheel + black and white.
Triadic: Any three hues (+ black and white) and their mixtures - equal distance from each other on the color wheel.
Complementary: Hues directly across from each other on the color wheel + black and white and all mixtures in between.
Split Complement: Three or more hues (+black and white) using any hue and hues on either side of its complement.
Double Complement (Tetradic): 4 or more hues - Two pairs of complements.

MONOCHROMATIC:Elizabeh Peyton. John Lennon 1964. Oil on Canvas, 1994.

ANALOGOUS: Kai Althoff. Untitled.

John Currin. Ms.Omni. Oil on canvas, 48 x 38 inches. 1993.

Matthew Ritchie. The Eighth Sea. Oil and Marker on Canvas, 99 x 121 inches. 2002.

Neo Rauch. Hatz. Oil on linen, 82.68 x 98.43 inches. 2002.

Trenton Doyle Hancock. Rememor with Membry.2001.
Acrylic on canvas, 54 x 66".
Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY.

Some Interesting Color Ideas (browse at your leisure):

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Artist's Color Wheel (EXPANDED)

Simultaneous Contrast

Successive Contrast (afterimage)

Simultaneous Contrast Mitigating Factors: Spatial, Temporal Proximity

Color Context (sharp/smooth edge)


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