Sunday, February 21, 2010



*Syllabus, Website
*CONCEPTS lecture (notes)


*SUPPLY LIST can be found under the SYLLABUS tab! If you want to stagger your purchases to save money...hold off on the color acrylic paint (still buy white/black), the large sheet of bristol, and one of the pads of bristol.

*I will restate this in class, but please make a habit of checking this site for updates on assignments/what to bring to class/etc.

*Check the LABELS bar on the right of page and look under the class date. Your homework and what you will need for class will be listed there. Bring all supplies to class - every class period - unless otherwise noted.

*NEED A LOCKER?---Go to 9th Floor Design/Computer Lab Desk : Bring Padlock and Columbia ID

*Julie Mehretu (Bomb Magazine,2005)
*Art21 (PBS)-Systems Episode List

Homework :
*Buy supplies
*Familiarize yourself with this website
*Finish Linear Systems assignment
*Bring to class all supplies/homework (except large bristol and arcylic painting supplies)

Bring To Class:
*Linear Systems


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